• At Bodegas Albero we see winemaking as our biggest passion. We are focused in both consumer and terroir, aiming to capture the essence and history of our land in a bottle. We work with a passionate winemaking team that knows how to make the most of the unique traits of our vineyard.
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Bodegas Albero is a family owned wine group specialized in producing modern fine wines coming from organic farming and focused on indigenous grapes from our undiscovered region.


Under strict control from the soil to the final complete product, Bodegas Albero is dedicated to offering high-quality wines delivered by a professional team from the winemaker to the salesmen.


We have been developing organic agriculture for most of our production, enhancing the quality of our wines and meanwhile maintaining the traditional natural agriculture.

Our vineyard

We are located in the province of Cuenca, a region whose wine culture dates back to the Roman age. The value of the wines from this region is recognized worldwide particularly for their great quality/price ratio.

We create modern wines, elaborated with particular care and latest state-of-the-art techniques that result in not only an enjoyable tasting experience, but also an attractive and unforgettable product image with appealing brands for consumers.

The River

The Júcar river can be found near us; it gives its name to the Ribera del Júcar DO. With the pass of the millennia the river has created a particular soil structure in our vineyards, with a frank character and over 8 meters depth.

The climate is Mediterranean continental with sharp contrasts between summer and winter temperatures. The average temperature is 24°C in summer and 5°C in winter. Rainfall is sparse, around 350 mm/year.

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Our work

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ORGANIC WINE These wines are free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, and they are also low on sulfites.
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BIODYNAMIC WINES Biodynamic agriculture is yet another step forward from organic winemaking. We work together with the ecosystem to enhance its characteristics and achieve the highest quality grapes and wines.
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SPARKLING WINES Special occasions call for equally special sparkling wine. In Bodegas Albero we also produce organic or even biodynamic sparkling wines.
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AMBER WINES & SANGRIA For something more unique, we also produce sangria, a typical and refreshing Spanish drink, and amber wines, made from the juice of white grapes that are left in contact with the skins.

Our wines

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